Thrive Foundation Building

Thrive Foundation Building

meriam park master plan community
chico, california

Thrive interior
Thrive Building exterior
thrive Interior

The Foundation Building, designed by NorthStar’s architectural team, is within Meriam Park’s Thrive district. As its name implies, the Thrive district focuses on job creation and the progression of work environments that meet the demands of the modern workforce. It will bolster productivity, infuse economic stability, accommodate the entrepreneurial seedling companies of Chico and the region, and attract company relocation and expansion to Chico. With over 235,000 square feet of tech office space, Thrive will buzz with productivity, collaboration and creativity. The architecture of Thrive features a stylized tech aesthetic integrated with modern accents, natural finishes accented with pops of color.

  • Spec building incorporated flexibility to allow for end-user adaptation.
  • Perforated screened wall allows for better thermal and solar performance and visual interest; purposely located on east and west sides due to high sun exposure.
  • Building façade leveraged the viewshed of park planned across the street.
  • Used existing utility constraints to maximize floor area, which gave the building its unique shape and take advantage of street frontage.
  • Baseline amenities: Unique outdoor spaces on roof terraces. Raised frontage allows for intervening public space between sidewalk and building entrance
Foundation Building


16,000 SF


Completed March 2018