Our Mission & Values

The Mission of NorthStar is to Develop People Who Enhance Our Communities

At first glance this may not appear like our mission has anything to do with surveying or engineering, but at the end of the day everything we do is about people. We hire great people and invest in them intentionally so that they are growing and learning, continuing to love what they do, and working in an environment that supports their best work. Our team is then able to serve our customers with excellence and the result is quality projects that make our communities a better place to live, work and play.

Keeping our focus on our people allows us to attract and retain the best team possible, a team that is committed to doing great work and doing it in a way that makes the projects and process more enjoyable for everyone.


Our Core Values guide and inform how we conduct our work on a daily basis.



As a multi-disciplinary firm we work together to collaborate and share resources and knowledge. Each person has their unique perspective and by working together, communicating proactively, and asking for input across the departments, our work exceeds expectations.


We promote professional and personal learning with a goal of continuous improvement. We are always asking ourselves “is there a better way?” and looking for opportunities to grow and learn in our careers. We recognize that each one of us is both a teacher and a student, and seeing things from the perspective of another person is valuable to our learning.


We recognize that every one of us is a steward of the culture of NorthStar and that every client is a team client. We own our setbacks and learn from them, working to bring creative solutions to the challenges we face. We take ownership of our commitment to our clients, our communities, and our team.

As we hire new team members we are committed to hiring people who are excellent at what they do, but also are aligned with our values and excited about the mission we have. This consistent focus on the people allows us to do our best work for our clients.