Janelle Mello French

Janelle Mello-French

Human Resources Administrator

Janelle Mello-French joined the NorthStar team in 2021 as an Administrative Assistant to Human Resources and the Business Operations department. She is a graduate of California State University, Chico with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Sciences. Her career started in law enforcement in Southern California, where she performed police dispatching, records, and jail duties. Prior to NorthStar Janelle worked in production data for a large online retailer. Her varied work experiences have greatly benefited her in the position she now holds.

The areas that Janelle supports are people focused and include recruiting, payroll processing, assisting in benefits administration, new employee onboarding, maintaining personnel records, and developing business processes.

Janelle’s inherent desire to learn and her passion for all things well-being encompasses all aspects of her life. Whether it is self-improvement and how the brain works to understanding how something works, she is always reading or listening to something to discover the why’s and how’s. Janelle’s two cats, adopted from Butte Humane Society, are just as much a part of her family as any person. When not at work, she enjoys strength training, going on scenic walks, yoga and finding ways to practice mindfulness.